HC Deb 30 November 1922 vol 159 cc931-3W

asked the Home Secretary whether, seeing that the Clauses in the Aliens Restriction Act excluding enemy aliens without special and temporary permits expire on 23rd December, in view of the serious unemployment in this country, it is the intention of the Government to extend the operation of these Clauses for a further definite period?

Colonel BURN

asked the Home Secretary whether he is prepared to introduce a, short Bill to extend the operation of the Clauses of the Aliens Restriction Act for a further period of three years to exclude enemy aliens from this country, in view of the widespread unemployment among the workmen in this country?


asked the Home Secretary whether the Government have in view any legislation or regulations to prevent alien immigrants from taking the place in this country of British subjects assisted or encouraged to migrate overseas?


In reply to these questions, I would refer to the reply I gave to a question on Monday last by the hon. and learned Member for the Ealing Division (Sir H. Nield).


asked the Home Secretary for what reason 916 former enemy aliens were permitted to land in this country under the Aliens Restriction Act of 1919 during the month of October, and what supervision was exercised to prevent the admission of undesirable persons amongst these aliens: and whether, considering the present shortage of housing accommodation and employment, he will reconsider the advisability of admitting so many aliens as this month by month?


The former enemy aliens referred to in the question were all given leave to land on special grounds in accordance with Section 10 of the Aliens Restriction (Amendment) Act, 1919. Out of 916, 656 were admitted for business reasons and the remainder for other reasons too varied to specify. They were all subjected to close scrutiny by the immigration officers with the object of excluding undesirables and for the purpose of establishing that they complied with the statutory requirements. As regards the last paragraph of the question, I may point out that practically all these aliens were allowed to land for short periods only, and further, that during the same month of October, 1,004 former enemy aliens left this country.


asked the Home Secretary whether, in view of the volume of unemployment prevalent in the country, the Government is prepared to re-enact, as from the 23rd December, 1922, Section 10 of The Aliens Restriction (Amending) Act, 1919, whereby no former alien enemy shall for a period of three years after the passing of the Act be permitted to land in the United Kingdom without a Government permit, to be granted only on special grounds and limited in duration to three months?


I would refer to the answer I gave on the 27th instant to a question by the hon. and learned Member for the Ealing Division (Sir H. Nield).