HC Deb 23 February 1922 vol 150 cc2131-2W

asked the Minister of Agriculture the estimated consumption by the United Kingdom during the year 1921 of wheat, barley, oats, beef, mutton, bacon, butter, and cheese; and what are the proportions of these products imported from overseas and produced at Home, respectively?


The following table gives the information desired by the right hon. Member. Certain returns relating to foodstuffs which were formerly collected have been discontinued, and the estimates are based on such data as are now available.

Estimated consumption in the United Kingdom of certain classes of agricultural produce:

Commodity. Estimated Total Consumption Proportion of Home-grown and Imported Produce included.
Homegrown. Imported.
1921. Tons Per cent. Per cent.
Wheat 7,149,000 23 77
Barley 2,162,000 64 36
Oats 3,464,000 88 12
Butter 290,000 43 57
Cheese 187,000 26 74
June, 1920, to May, 1921:—
Beef and Veal 1,210,000 54 46
Mutton and Lamb. 520,000 40 60
Pigmeat* 630,000 48 52
* The total consumption of bacon alone cannot be given.