HC Deb 23 November 1920 vol 135 c239W

asked the Secretary of State for War why officers who qualified at staff courses either at home or abroad subsequent to the autumn of 1917 are allowed the initials Sc. after their names in the Army List, whilst officers who qualified at similar recognised staff courses during the War before the above date are not allowed this distinction?


The initials "S.C." and "s.c." in the Army List apply not only to officers who qualified at the senior and junior staff courses held at Cambridge between September, 1917, and January, 1919, but also to those who qualified at the senior and junior staff courses which were held in France between December, 1916, and April, 1917. The staff courses, which were held in various theatres of war or in England prior to December, 1916, were of a much more elementary character, and to these the distinctive letters signifying qualification at the more advanced courses instituted at the close of 1916, could not reasonably be applied.