HC Deb 23 November 1920 vol 135 cc259-60W

asked the Home Secretary the pensions paid to the retired members of the police force, such as superintendents, inspectors, sergeants, constables, or others; on what principle are pensions based; and does the service of a member of the force count for a pension if he removes to another district or county and continues in the force?


The amount of the pension payable to a member of a police force is governed by the provisions of the Police Act, 1890, and amending Acts, and depends on the pension scale adopted by the police authority under that Act, the length of service of the police officer concerned and the amount of his pay at the date of retirement. Under the scale adopted in nearly all forces, the maximum pension of two-thirds of the officer's retiring pay can be earned by 26 years' approved service. If the officer has removed from one police force to another, after not less than two years' approved service and with the written consent of his chief officer, he is entitled to reckon this period of previous service for pension purposes.