HC Deb 04 November 1920 vol 134 cc583-4W
Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland (1) whether Charles Lynch, of Miltown-Malbay, Michael Ryan, of Curraghduff, Thurles, and Thomas Egan, of Coshia, Athenry, were dragged from their beds on the night of 24th October last and shot dead by servants of the Crown; whether Charles Lynch was a man of 70 years of age: whether Michael Ryan was the only son of a widow and was seriously ill in bed when the party of men arrived; what steps he proposes to take in the matter;

(2) whether on 25th October last a band of armed men, who described themselves as secret service agents, entered the house of William Gleeson, Moher, County Tipperary, in search of his son James whom they stated they had come to kill; whether they threatened the father, and on his son William offering his life for his father they took him, the son, outside the house and shot him dead; whether any form of inquiry has taken place; and what was the evidence and finding?


A military court of inquiry is being held in each of the four cases mentioned and the result in any one of the cases has not yet reached me. I regret that I am therefore not yet in a position to make any further statement in the matter.


asked the Lord Privy Seal whether the sacking of Templemore, county Tipperary, on the evening of Friday, 29th October, was undertaken as a reprisal for the ambushing of a party of Northamptons nearly 20 miles away?


A military enquiry has been held into this matter and no evidence has been forthcoming that any part of the damage committed in Templemore on the 29th ultimo was caused by members of the forces of the Grown in Ireland. In the absence of such evidence I am unable to accept the hon. Member's suggestion. What the hon. Member refers to as the "sacking of Templemore" consisted of the burning of two premises and damaging generally by window breaking of a number of others. The local council thanked the police for their efforts in helping to extinguish fires.