HC Deb 31 March 1920 vol 127 cc1267-8W

asked the Secretary of State for War if his attention has been called to the case of Miss Winnie Horlock, who was injured at the Mont Dore Military Hospital, Bournemouth, now closed, on 12th April last; if he is aware that, although instructions were issued in August last, no payment was actually made until November; that, although she is incapacitated, her allowance has been reduced to 3s. per week at irregular intervals; that although the War Office was written to on the 20th January, 16th February, and 4th March, no reply has been received; and will he issue instructions for immediate reconsideration of this inadequate sum, and arrange for the sum to be paid weekly?


Miss Horlock did not report sick at the time of the accident, but continued to perform her duties. Later she absented herself, and it was found that she was receiving medical treatment at another hospital. In August she was medically examined and offered the compensation due to her, but refused it, giving as her reason the advice of her union. Information as to the case was obtained with difficulty, owing to the demobilisation of the staff of the hospital at which she served, but in November last compensation was issued, with arrears from the date of the injury, at 15s. per week. From 31st October, as the result of a medical examination, this was reduced to 3s. a week, and has now ceased as her earning capacity is medically certified to be unimpaired. She was informed of this on 9th March, through her union. If she desires that her case should be submitted to the Medical Referee, the necessary arrangements will be made.