HC Deb 14 June 1920 vol 130 c918W

asked the Minister of Health the number of separate areas upon which representations have been made by medical officers of health declaring such areas insanitary areas under the provisions of the Housing, Town Planning, &c., Act, 1909, which were in the hands of the Local Government Board in August, 1914, and upon which no action had then been taken by the local authorities concerned, the number of houses and the population involved in these representations, and the extent to which improvement schemes under the provisions of the Act have since been carried out; and in how many cases these insanitary areas still remain and the extent to which the houses affected are still occupied?


There were three such areas, comprising 890 houses occupied by 4,387 persons. A local inquiry was held in each of these cases. In two cases the local authorities were called upon to make improvement schemes, but proceedings had to be deferred owing to the war. A scheme in regard to one of the areas has now been submitted to me and a scheme in regard to another of them has been promised. The third case was one of a small area (comprising 47 occupied houses), for the greater part of which an improvement scheme had already been made and confirmed. The local authority were called upon to proceed to deal with the area, but action was interrupted by the war. I have asked for a Report on the present position of the area.