HC Deb 08 December 1920 vol 135 cc2141-2W

asked the Minister of Health whether, in the case of a workmen's housing scheme, initiated by Messrs. H. Newsom & Company, of Lincoln, nine houses of 40 intended under the scheme were in process of completion in August last, eight months after the passing of the Additional Powers Act in 1910, granting subsidies to builders of approved houses; whether such subsidies have been refused on these nine houses: whether subsidies will be granted on the remaining 31 houses under the scheme not yet begun; whether, with a view to encouraging such enterprise and initiative as that of Messrs. H. Newsom & Company, he will endeavour to interpret the Act with equitable elasticity; and whether he will consent to discuss the question personally with a representative of Messrs. H. Newsom & Company in order to forward the completion of the remaining 31 houses so urgently needed, but now delayed owing to a ruling adverse to them by the Ministry?


I am informed that two of the nine houses referred to were begun in August, 1919, and they are, therefore, ineligible for subsidy under the terms of the Housing (Additional Powers) Act, which definitely excludes houses the construction of which was commenced before the date of the passing of the Act, that is, the 23rd December, 1919. I am awaiting precise information as to the date when the other seven were begun. The 31 houses not yet commenced will certainly be eligible for grants if they comply with the conditions laid down. I do not think there is'any need for me to meet a representative of Messrs. Newsom in the matter, as the position under the Act is quite clear.

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