HC Deb 27 April 1920 vol 128 cc1051-2W

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what is the exact work which the Land Valuation Department will carry out in future?


The following is a summary of work which the Inland Revenue Valuation Department has still to undertake, now that the three Land Values Duties are repealed:—

  1. 1. Valuation of all real estate passing on death, for purposes of the Death Duties.
  2. 2. Valuations of real estate comprised in voluntary conveyances, for purposes of Stamp Duty.
  3. 3. Valuations of real estate in connection with old age pensions.
  4. 4. Determination of compensation for the extinction of redundant liquor licences in certain cases.
  5. 5. Determination of annual licence value and monopoly value in certain cases.
  6. 6. Valuation of minerals in connection with Mineral Rights Duty.
  7. 1052
  8. 7. Compilation of register of lands acquired out of moneys provided by Parliament.
  9. 8. Work for other Government Departments. In addition, the Valuation Department performs work of a very varied character, and the opinion of the Department on questions of the value of real estate is constantly being asked for by many of the Government Departments. Special reference may be made to the work being done in connection with housing (for the Ministry of Health), land settlement (for the Ministry of Agriculture), and for the Admiralty. In the case of housing, the Department frequently undertakes negotiation (as well as giving an opinion of value) on behalf of the local authority, when purchasing land.
  10. 9. Work under the Acquisition of Land Act, 1919.
  11. 10. Should it be decided that the original valuation (as at 30th April, 1909) is to be made available for public information in some form or other, a considerable amount of work will be required in connection with the arrangement and tabulation of the existing figures.