HC Deb 18 August 1919 vol 119 cc1950-1W
Captain BOWYER

asked the Secretary of State for War if, having regard to the special character of the training and facilities provided at the general commercial college at Cologne, the science college at Bonn, and the technical college at Siegburg, it would be possible to give some idea as to the results achieved so far at these colleges, and, if satisfactory, to have it laid down that the training now being given at these colleges will be continued without break, and will also be extended to the Army as a whole and will be made, subject to such modifications as experience shows to be desirable, an integral part of the training of the British Army?


The results achieved in the colleges established in the Army of the Rhine are reported by the Commander-in-Chief to have been very satisfactory in spite of difficulties due to changes in composition of the Army and in the military situation. The numbers under instruction in the colleges have increased progressively month by month, from ninety-four in January to 629 in July. A large majority of the students in colleges apply to remain during the next course or to return for a subsequent course in spite of longer hours of work in colleges than with units. Every opportunity is afforded to students, as far as circumstances permit, to continue their studies and training after return to units. A large number of students receive continued assistance through General Headquarters Correspondence School. The education which will henceforward form an integral part of military training will include general, commercial, and technical subjects.