HC Deb 14 August 1919 vol 119 cc1663-6W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether he can give a list of the number of criminal outrages

Number of outrages against police. Number killed Number injured. Number of dwelling raided for arms, & e. Number brought to justice.
11 12 7 9

There were no criminal outrages against magistrates, and no attacks made on police barracks during the period mentioned. In one of the raids for arms a civilian was killed. The nine persons arrested were in connection with a single attack on the police. No public servant

in Ireland during the last six months, the quantity of potheen or illicit spirit captured, the number of prosecutions for such offences, the total amount of fines imposed in prosecutions, and the amounts to which the penalties were mitigated; and whether he will consider the advisability of having all cases of this kind heard exclusively by stipendiary magistrates in future?


The Return is as follows:

attempted against magistrates and police in Ireland from the period 1st January to 9th August, 1919; whether he can state the counties in which these offences were committed and the number of public servants who were killed or injured as a result; whether he can give a Return, similarly by counties, of the number of police barracks upon which attacks were made and the number of other dwellings upon which raids were made or attempted for the purpose of procuring arms or explosives; and how many persons have been brought to justice for all these offences?


The following statement gives the information asked for as regards the Dublin Metropolitan Police District:

other than police was injured. Six of the police were seriously injured by revolver shots.

The following statement gives the information asked for as regards the several counties in Ireland:

Counties. etc. Outrages against magistrates and police. Attacks on police barracks and other dwellings for arms or explosives. Number of persons brought to justice.
On magistrate Number killed Number injured On police Number killed Number injured Police barracks Other dwelling
Antrim 1
Armagh 1 1 6 4 arrests—on bail.
Belfast City
Cavau 1 4 6 arrests—I sent for trial, 5 discharged.
Donegal 3
Down 1 3 1
Londonderry 1 1 2 arrests, bailed to Qr. Sessions.
Monaghan 2 2 1 arrest, bailed to Assizes.
Dublin 1 2 2 10 arrests, 4 sent to Penal Ser., 6 bound to peace.
Longford 1 2 arrests on remand.
Louth 3 1 1 3 arrests, bailed to Assizes.
Weattneath 1
Wexford 2
Wicklow 1 1
Galway E. Biding
Galway W. Biding 1 1
Leitrim 1
Mayo 1 1
Roscommon 1 1
Clare 4 3 2 1 7 arrested, handed over to Military.
Cork E. Riding 4 2 l 12 1 arrested, discharged.
Cork W. Riding 4 3 4 3 arrested, 2 convicted, 1 acquitted.
Kerry 1 2 2
Limerick 3 3 4 5 arrested, discharged.
Tipperary N. Riding 2 1 1
Tipperary S. Riding 1 2 2
Waterford 2
Total 3 1 33 6 24 4 46 44 arrests.
6 convictions.
12 discharged.
13 for trial.
6 bound to the peace.
7 handed over to military.