HC Deb 30 April 1919 vol 115 cc166-7W

asked the Secretary of State for War whether officers who at once volunteered in response to the Army Order of 29th January are receiving the bonus awarded from 1st February to officers who are compulsorily detained; and whether, in case there is any difference in respect to the dates from which the respective payments are made, he will explain the reasons actuating the course?


Officers who volunteer receive the bonus from the date of volunteering, if accepted.


asked the Secretary of State for War whether the position of officers who had retired from the Army prior to August, 1914, on the conditions of pay and pensions then in force, and who rejoined for the period of the War, may be considered without delay, especially with regard to Army Order 316 of 1914?


Commutation of officers retired pay, to which Army Order 316 of 1914 refers, has again been opened under slightly modified rules, a copy of which I will send to my hon. and gallant Friend.

Captain Viscount WOLMER

asked the Secretary of State for War what the pay and separation allowance is of a sergeant-baker serving in France who has a wife and one child?


A sergeant-baker draws regimental pay at 2s. 7d. a day, plus corps pay at 11d. a day, plus war pay at 1d. a day, for each year of war service. If definitely retained with the Army of Occupation or the military machinery of demobilisation, he draws from 1st February last a bonus of 14s. a week, in addition to these rates. If not so retained, but actually serving with the Colours on 1st May, he will draw the bonus from that date. The rate of separation allowance for the wife of a sergeant with one child under fourteen years of age is 25s. 6d. a week.