HC Deb 19 February 1918 vol 103 c630W

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Shipping Controller whether he can state the total number of merchant steamers, apart altogether from war vessels, which were completed ready for sea in the United Kingdom during the month of November, 1917, and their total gross register tonnage, how many during the month of December, 1917, and their total gross register tonnage, and how many during the month of January, 1918, and their total gross register tonnage; and how many of these were standard ships, and the total gross register tonnage of same, giving the number of ships and the gross register tonnage during these three months respectively?


Merchant steamers of 1,600 tons (gross) and upwards completed in the United Kingdom and brought into service during the months named were as follows:—

November 22 totalling 130,375 tons(gross)
December 21 totalling 115,753 tons(gross)
January 11 totalling 55,588 tons(gross)

The standard vessels included in these figures are:
November 2 totalling 9,459 tons(gross)
December 6 totalling 28,931 tons(gross)
January 4 totalling 20,738 tons(gross)