HC Deb 21 March 1917 vol 91 cc1941-2W

asked the President of the Board of Education if the metric system of weights and measures in use in the Latin countries is being taught in the higher schools and State-aided educational institutions; if the money system of the various States in South America is being taught and the languages spoken there; and if there are teachers available for this?


The metric system of weights and measures is taught in all State-aided secondary and technical schools. The money systems of the South-American States are not generally taught in State-aided secondary schools, but they are taught in a considerable number of day and evening commercial classes. The faculties of commerce at most of the universities make arrangements for the study of foreign systems of weights and measures and currencies. Spanish has been taught for some years past in a few secondary schools, and in many others arrangements are now being nade for its introduction. It is taught in a considerable number of evening schools and classes. Portuguese is taught in a few only. The question of extending the provision for the teaching of these languages is now being actively considered by many local education authorities, and it is too soon to say whether the supply of competent teachers will be adequate. Instruction in Spanish is provided at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London (Ring's College), Durham (Armstrong College), Birmingham, and Liverpool, and at the University Colleges of Nottingham and Southampton.