HC Deb 16 November 1916 vol 87 cc1022-3W

asked the Secretary of State for War (1) whether Lieutenant-General Sir Sam Hughes has now any military jurisdiction over the Canadian Overseas troops after they leave the Canadian shores, or whether this Command is now vested in the hands of the Acting High Commissioner, Sir George Purley; if the latter, can he say whether administration, discipline, training, and promotions in the Canadian Overseas Army will now be entirely in the hands of Sir George Purley and his advisers, or whether they will be subject to the High Overseas Command and to the War Office in the same way as that prevailing in all our other British and Overseas Forces; and (2) if he can give the names of the present Acting Militia Council of the Canadian Overseas Army, with their ranks and length of military service; and if he can say whether this Acting Militia Council is now vested with powers independent of the Canadian Minister in Canada, powers independent of the Acting High Commissioner, powers independent of Lieutenant-General Sir Sam Hughes, and powers independent of the War Office?


The powers and duties of the Minister of Overseas Military Forces of Canada include all powers and duties in connection with the troops, property, and expenditure of the military forces of Canada in the United Kingdom and on the Continent of Europe heretofore exercised by or charged upon the Minister of Militia and Defence. He is also charged with the negotiations on the part of the Government of Canada, as occasion may require, with His Majesty's Government in all matters connected with the government, command, and disposition of the Overseas Forces of Canada, and such arrangements as may be advisable for coordinating their operations and services with those of His Majesty's troops, and generally for the purpose of utilising the Overseas Forces of Canada in the most effective manner for the purposes of the War. I have no information as to the Minister's Advisory Council.