HC Deb 04 December 1916 vol 88 c677W

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether the allowance of petrol for motor cabs in London for August, September, October, and November was 60 gallons per driver per cab; whether the allowance proposed for December is 90 gallons per cab only; and, as in the case of owner-drivers where two men work one cab this will mean a reduction of 25 per cent. per driver per cab, he will arrange that 90 gallons per driver per cab be issued for December, or that at least 60 gallons per driver per cab be allowed, as was done for the four previous months?


I understand that in making a uniform allowance to all motor cabs in London the Petrol Committee have acted in accordance with what they understood to be the general views of the motor-cab industry. The new allowances will involve a considerable increase in the total allotment of petrol for motor cabs, and I fear that no further increase can be given.

Dock. * Stock in hand on 31st Dec., 1914. † Imports during year ended 31st Dec., 1915. Deliveries for Navy and Army. * Stock in hand on 30th Sept., 1916. Quantities (approximate) landed, but not brought to account on 30th Sept., 1916.
Proof gals. Proof gals. Proof gals. Proof gals. Liquid gals.
West India Dock 2,236,665 6,205,789 2,027,008 5,153,295 650,000
London Docks 278,023 474,015 11,740 476,113 6,086
St. Katharine's Dock 20,057 27,853 154 40,543 None.
London Docks 762,672 2,631,577 44,023 1,065,209 100,000
St. Katharine's Dock 53,498 79,536 1,685 43,280 4,600
* These figures do not include the quantities which had not been brought to account, although warehousing entries had been passed, on 31st December, 1914, and 30th September, 1916, respectively.
† Direct, and via other ports.