HC Deb 04 May 1915 vol 71 cc995-6W

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he will state within what limits the total emoluments paid to British Consuls-General vary, and give the names and Consulates-General of those whose present emoluments amount to less than £1,000 a year?


Four Consuls-General receive salaries of £1,200 per annum; sixteen Consuls-General have £1,000 per annum; seven Consuls-General have £900 per annum. The names and posts of the latter are: Mr. G. Fraser, Baltimore; Mr. E. MacDonell, Lorenzo Marques; Mr. S. Churchill, Naples; Mr. W. Powell, Philadelphia; Mr. L. Jerome, Quito. Mr. T. Hunt, New Orleans, is actually drawing pay at the rate of £1,100 per annum, but on a vacancy occurring the pay of the post will be reduced to £900. There are also four Consuls-General who received the title before the latest reorganisation of the service; they are employed at posts which are, or will be in future, only Consulates. These are: Mr. Chapman. Turin; Mr. Churchill, Havre; Captain Wallis, Dakar; Mr. Spence, Tripoli. In the Far Eastern Consular Service salaries vary from £900 with house to £1,200 with house, and in the Levant from £900 with house to £1,200. No account is taken in this answer of local allowances, which are only given to meet the extra cost of living at particular places and are not pensionable.