HC Deb 26 February 1914 vol 58 c1961W

asked the Chief Secretary whether the total amount borrowed by local authorities in Ireland in order to provide cottages and allotments has been about £8,000,000; whether the total annual rent paid by tenants is £117,000; whether the cost of collection and insurance reduces the net interest received to £80,000, or 1 per. cent. only on the money advanced; and in what proportion is the annual loss borne by the ratepayers and by the National Exchequer?


The hon. Member has, apparently, taken his figures in round numbers from the last Annual Report of the Local Government Board. Making due allowances for the rents of the cottages included in the loans but not completed in March, 1913, and also for the incidental expenses in connection with such cottages, the general result would work out, approximately, as follows: 43 per cent. of the cost borne by the tenants; 25 per cent. borne by the Government; and 32 per cent. by local rates.