HC Deb 19 March 1913 vol 50 cc1057-8W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty if, to obviate any possible confusion in debate as between "Dreadnought" and pre-"Dreadnought" vessels, he can, consistently with the public interest, give the actual names of the vessels in the various battle and cruiser squadrons described on page 7 of the Memorandum [Cd. 6668], with, so far as possible, similar information regarding German ships in full commission?


As regards British vessels, the names are shown on pages 269, 269b, and 269c, of the Navy List, arranged in the squadrons as described.

The following is the list of German vessels:—

High Sea Fleet.

First (Battle) Squadron, 1st and 2nd Divisions—"Ostfriesland" (flag), "Thuringen," "Helgoland," "Oldenburg," "Posen" (2nd flag), "Rheinland," "Nassau," "Westfalen." Attached vessel: "Blitz."

Second (Battle) Squadron, 3rd and 4th Divisions — "Preussen" (flag), "Pommern," "Hessen," "Lothringen," "Hannover" (2nd flag), "Schlesien," "Schles- wig-Holstein," "Deutschland." Attached vessel: "Pfeil."

Future Third (Battle) Squadron, 5th Division—"Friedrich der Grosse" (fleet flagship), "Kaiser" (flag of 5th division), "Braunschweig," "Elsass." At disposal of the Commander-in-Chief: "Hela."

Cruiser Squadron—"Moltke" (flag), "Goeben," "Von der Tann" (3rd flag), "Yorck," "Coln" (2nd flag), "Stralsund," "Stettin," "Kolberg," "Dresden," "Konigsberg" (temporarily in place of "Mainz"), "Breslau,"* "Strassburg."

* Temporarily detached to the Mediterranean.

Reserve Division of the Baltic.

"Wittelsback" (parent ship in commission). Miscellaneous ships (in commission with special complements). "Wettin" (gunnery school ship), "Blucher" (gunnery experimental ship), "Prinz Adalbert" (gunnery drill ship), "Friedrich Carl" (torpedo experimental ship), "Magdeburg" and "Muncihen" (torpedo experimental ships), "Augsburg," "Danzig" and "Stuttgart" (gunnery school ships), "Hamburg" (parent ship of submarines), "Arcona" (mining experimental ship), "Hansa," Victoria Louise," "Hertha," and "Vineta" (cadets' and boys' training ships).