HC Deb 25 March 1912 vol 36 cc182-3W

asked the Chief Secretary whether he is aware that the Commissioners of National Education have recently written to the manager of

the national schools at Parteen requiring him to provide certain equipment for them before the 31st instant under pain of the withdrawal of all grants from these schools and the consequent starvation of the teachers; whether he is aware that these requirements have been recently made, and that previously the whole question at issue was the suitability of the girls' school for the reception of infant boys; whether, up to the time that the Commissioners proceeded to enforce the Rule 127 (b) in these schools, any representation had been made by the Commissioners to the manager of the insufficiency of the equipment of the schools, or any report to that effect was sent to the Commissioners by their inspectors, and, if so, will he supply copies of these documents; and whether he will communicate with the Commissioners of National Education on the impropriety of their action, and ask them to hold a sworn inquiry?


I am aware that the Commissioners of National Education communicated with the manager of these schools as stated. As long ago as March, 1908, and again in November, 1908, the inspector reported that kindergarten desks were needed for juniors and infants. He brought the matter under the notice of the manager, who said he would see about it. The manager has since been written to more than once by the Commissioners, but up to the present has not furnished any kindergarten or manual instruction apparatus. The Reports of inspectors are confidential, and it is not desirable in the interests of the public service to supply copies of them. The case is not one in which I can interfere.