HC Deb 23 July 1912 vol 41 cc1000-1W

asked the Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture (Ireland) the amount expended by his Department in the past financial year on grants to day secondary schools, grants to technical schools, grants to agricultural schools, grants to domestic training schools conducted in convents, grants to other domestic training schools, and grants to all other educational institutions, central administration, technical inspection, and agricultural inspection, respectively?


The following statement gives the desired information:—

(1) Grants to Day Secondary Schools 27,955
(2) Grants to Technical Schools, including all Grants paid to County Committees, County Borough Committees, and Urban and Rural District Committees of Technical Instruction 98,656
(3) Grants to Agricultural Schools(excluding expenditure in connection with buildings and purchase of lands for two schools in North - East and North - West Ulster) 4,270
(4) Grants to Convent Domestic Training Schools 109
(5) Grants to Domestic Training Schools other than in Convents 341
(6) Grants for Drawing and Manual Instruction in miscellaneous schools 1,861

The Institutions and Colleges under the direct administration of the Department are not included in any of the above items. £9,500 represents the cost of inspection in connection with Technical Instruction Schemes. It is not possible to estimate the proportion of the Department's central administration expenses or of the expenses of Agricultural Inspection which is applicable to the administration of the grants enumerated above.


asked the Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture (Ireland) the total revenue at the disposal of his Department during the last financial year; and what were the sources from which it was derived?


The following statement gives the information required:—

TOTAL REVENUE, 1911–12, £478,028.
Gross Parliamentary Vote, original and supplementary (*excluding £169,750 Grant-in-Aid for Congested Districts Board) 293,419
For Endowment Fund—
Local Taxation (Ireland) Account 83,000
Irish Church Temporalities Fund 70,000
Ireland Development Grant, for the purposes of Technical Instruction 7,000
For Diseases of Animals Acts—
Assessments on Local Authorities for the purposes of the Diseases of Animals Acts and fines there-under 16,111
For Endowment Fund—
Interest on Securities and on moneys deposited 8,498
Total £478,028

* Parliamentary Vote, £293,419. This sum includes:—

For the Department's Endowment Fund under Section 15 (d) and (f)of the Agriculture und Technical Instruction (Ireland) Act, 1899(£18,000) and Section 49 of the Irish Land Act, 1909 (£19,000) 37,000
Grants-in-Aid for the purposes of the Diseases of Animals Acts 10,200
For salaries, expenses, purchase of specimens and apparatus, etc., National Museum, National Library, School of Art, Royal Botanic Gardens, and Royal College of Science 59,003
For Grants to Schools of Science and Art 57,750
For salaries, travelling, etc., of officers of Geological Survey 2,454
Tobacco growing experiments 6,000
Forestry operations 6,000
From Development Fund—
Afforestation: Purchase of areas 17,000
Improvement of horse breeding 10,000
Purchase of dredging plant 4,250
Agricultural research and advisory work 2,400
Total £212,057

Leaving £81,362 for central administration, namely, salaries, travelling, special services, and incidental expenses and collection of agricultural and trade statistics.