HC Deb 29 February 1912 vol 34 c1687W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether the Government have recently chartered five steamers to carry coal to Malta, and what were the rates charged; and how such rates compare with the ordinary rates, and who was the owner of the vessels?


The five most recent engagements for coal for Malta reported are as follows:—

Name of Vessel. Name of Owners. Rate of Freight per ton.
s. d.
"Nunima" Trechmann S.S. Co. 7 9
"Gisella Groedel" Groedel Bros. S.S. Co., Ltd. 7 9
"Boynton" W. and E. C. Lamplough. 7 9
"Sea Belle" Leach and Co., Ltd. 8 9
"Pelica" Ogmore S.S. (1899) Co., Ltd. 9 3

The mercantile rates at the time these vessels were chartered varied between 9s. And 11s. It should be noted, however, in any comparison of the average rate paid by the Admiralty with mercantile rates that the Admiralty provides the inboard labour for discharging, whereas in mercantile charters this falls as a charge on the ship-owner. There are also minor differences in respect of commission.