HC Deb 09 March 1911 vol 22 cc1726-7W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, with reference to the grounding of H.M.S. "Collingwood," "Temeraire," and "Agamemnon," at the entrance of Ferrol Harbour, on an uncharted rock, on the 15th February, 1911, whether he is aware that H.M.S. "Prince George," after collision with H.M.S. "Hannibal" on the 17th October, 1909, was taken into Ferrol Harbour on the 18th October, 1909, through the same channel under her own steam, being thirteen feet by the stern, having 1,600 tons of water in her stern compartments, and her rudder jammed and immovable; whether he will state the amount of damage done to the "Collingwood," "Temeraire," and "Agamemnon," respectively, and the time such damage will take to repair in each case; why no court-martial has been held, as is usual in such cases; and whether the uncharted rock is the same one upon which H.M.S. "Howe" grounded in the year 1893?


I have not been able to obtain all the information required to admit of the question being answered today, and I must therefore ask the hon. Member to be good enough to postpone his question for a few days.