HC Deb 27 April 1911 vol 24 cc2100-1W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for War whether he will state the strength of the Regular

Army on 1st January, 1905, and on 1st January, 1911, serving at Home, in India, and in the Colonies, respectively; what was the strength of the Army Reserves, Sections A and B, on the same dates; what was the strength of the Militia, Yeomanry, Volunteers, and Militia Reserve on 1st January, 1905, respectively, exclusive of permanent staff; and what was the strength of the Territorial Infantry, Yeomanry, and Special Reserve, exclusive of permanent staff, on 1st January, 1911?

Colonel SEELY

The figures are as follows:—

1st January, 1905. 1st January, 1911.
Officers. Other Ranks. Officers. Other Ranks.
Home 5,434 130,422 5,841 121,688
India 2,803 75,585 2,981 74,823
Colonies 2,614 68,467 1,898 45,257
10,851 274,474 10,720 241,768
Army Reserve (Sections A and B) 66,121 118,170
Officers. N.C.O.'s & Men. Officers. N.C.O.'s & Men.
Militia (excluding Permanent Staff) 2,577 88,282
Reserve Division of Militia 7,254
Special Reserve (including category b) 1,969 61,789
Territorial Force.
Yeomanry (excluding Permanent Staff) 1,250 25,217 1,196 23,455
Volunteers (including Officers and Permanent Staff, All Arms) 245,359
Territorial Force—
Infantry 5,000 164,690
Other Arms 3,500 69,011

N.B.—The strength of the Regulars for 1st January, 1911, includes the Regular Establishment of the Special Reserve, a portion of which corresponds to the old Permanent Staff of the Militia, which is not included in the figures for 1st January, 1905.

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