HC Deb 27 June 1910 vol 18 cc805-6W

asked the Chief Secretary whether, in view of the fact that clerks of the peace in Ireland are allowed for official postage necessarily incurred by them in the discharge of their duties, he will take steps to ensure that the clerk of the peace for county Antrim is prevented from henceforth charging country solicitors with postages to them in connection with the clerk's official duties; whether, in the county of Derry, practitioners are not required to send stamped addressed envelopes for replies to their communications to the clerk of the peace's office; and, if so, what authority has the clerk of the peace in Antrim to charge solicitors with postages that in county Derry are borne by the Treasury?


The allowance made by the Treasury to clerks of the peace in Ireland is not a matter over which I have any control. I have no knowledge of the practice in the county of Londonderry, but if it is as stated in the question, it appears to be a matter for consideration whether it should not be assimilated to that of county Antrim, which appears to be a reasonable one.