HC Deb 14 April 1910 vol 16 c1568W

asked the Secretary for War whether, in order to disseminate more precise knowledge as to the Government's requirements in the matter of horses, and to create greater inducements to breeders within the United Kingdom to meet these requirements, he will convey, through the medium of the county territorial associations, to farmers and others who may be prepared to breed horses for the express purpose of selling them to the Government at three years old for military purposes, what particular types and sizes, both of draught and saddle horses, the War Office require, and what is the maximum price proposed to be paid for them respectively?


The proposal to buy horses at three years old has not yet developed sufficiently to enable me to give any statement as to prices. The Board of Agriculture issued in January, 1909, a pamphlet containing photographs of types of horses required for remount purposes in the Army, with descriptions of the different classes of horses. This pamphlet was distributed free to all breeders of horses in Great Britain.