HC Deb 12 April 1910 vol 16 cc1210-1W

asked whether the Secretary of State for India has information to the effect that an unusually large number of natives of India have voluntarily entered into indentures to work in Natal, since it has been announced that the Government of India will take power to prohibit indentured emigration to that Colony; and, if so, whether the Secretary of State will consider the propriety of advising the Government of India to take into consideration the wishes of the labouring classes, as practically expressed by these voluntary movements of the population, in legislating in this behalf, and in making Jules for the exercise of the powers conferred by legislation designed to restrict such voluntary movements?


As regards the first part of my hon. Friend's question, I would refer him to the answer that I have given to the hon. Member for East Leeds. As regards the second part, the Government of India will no doubt carefully consider all relevant circumstances before exercising in the case of any Colony their power of suspending indentured emigration.