HC Deb 04 April 1910 vol 16 cc174-6W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland (1) whether there is any and, if so, what provision or facilities for the teaching of religion and dogma to any class of students of University College, Dublin; are there any and what chaplains or lecturers on religious subjects provided outside the college for such students; are there are any special religious services provided for any class of students of the said college outside the college; and are there any regulations respecting the attendance of religious services; (2) how many lectures per term has each teacher in University College, Dublin, to deliver, or how many hours per week is each professor obliged to devote to teaching, and what is the respective number of students set down as attending the lectures of each professor or lecturer, and what have been the actual atendances of students at the lectures of each of such professors or lecturers, distinguishing male and female students; (3) what are the respective numbers of students, male and female, registered on the books of University College, Dublin, in each faculty of arts, philosophy, Celtic studies, science, law, medicine, engineering, and commerce; and how many are students in more than one faculty, distinguishing made and female students; (4), what are the respective names, professions, and ether occupations, if any, also respective academical degrees of each officer, professor, lecturer, assistant, demonstrator, and other teacher in University College, Dublin; what has been their respective previous experience in teaching that branch of learning of which they are respectively professors or lecturers; what are the respective salaries of each of the above officers and teachers; how many, and which, of them have to devote all their time to the duties of their office; and do any, and which, of such professors teach at any other institution or college; (5) what is the total number of students, male and female registered on the books of University College, Dublin; of these students how many have matriculated at the National University of Ireland, are non-matriculated students, or had previously matriculated in the Royal University, respectively; of the above number how many are resident with their parents and guardians or in recognised hostels and lodging-houses; and how many, if any, are now resident in Dublin; and (6) whether any tutors have been appointed in University College, Dublin; and, if so, what are their names and remuneration?


In these questions the hon. Member asks for very minute and detailed statistical information upon variety of matters connected with University College, Dublin. I would remind him that the management and control of the college are vested in its governing body, subject only to the provisions of the Act of Parliament and of the charter and statutes of the college. The universities and colleges of Ireland, of the old and the new foundations alike, are not Departments of State, and I am not therefore in position to require the college authorities to furnish detailed information as if they were such State Departments. Apart from this consideration, I do not think it would be reasonable to put the authorities to the trouble of supplying in advance minute statistics which will eventually be available to the public in the ordinary way. Some of the information asked for may already be found in the college statutes, and the great bulk of the remainder will appear in due course in the College Calendar and in the Accounts which have to be presented to Parliament in pursuance of the Act. I am not, therefore, prepared to answer the hon. Member in detail, but must ask him to await the publication of the college statistics.

I have, however, been furnished by the college authorities with the following information:—

No provision is made by the college for religious teaching, nor are there any regulations respecting attendance at religious services. Some of the deans of residence appointed under the Statutes have voluntarily arranged for special religious services outside the college, which students may attend if they choose.

Regulations which will fix the future courses, lectures and hours of instruction in the various faculties are under consideration in connection with the requirements of the National University.

The classification according to faculties of the students of the college cannot at present be given.

The names of the professors and other principal officers appointed to the college have already appeared in the public Press. The salaries attached to all the principl offices are set forth in the Statutes, and those that are full-time offices are there indicated.

The National University has not yet held matriculation examination, one having been held by the Royal University immediately before its dissolution. The total number of students attending courses in University College, Dublin, is 445. Of these, 355 male and 37 female students had matriculated in the Royal and other universities, and 51 male and two female students have not yet matriculated. There are other students on the books of the college who do not require to attend courses until next term. Information as to the residence of students will no doubt be available in due course.

No tutors have yet been appointed in University College, Dublin.