HC Deb 30 September 1909 vol 11 c1556W

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs what are the various subjects on which new or additional taxation has been imposed by the German Government this year; what is the estimated annual yield of these taxes as regards each of these subjects respectively; and what is the estimated annual yield of these taxes in the aggregate?


The estimated annual yield of new or additional taxation in Germany is as follows:—

Tea and coffee £1,850,000
Beer 5,000,000
Tobacco 2,150,000
Spirits 4,000,000
Sparkling wine 250,000
Matches 1,250,000
Lighting appliances 1,000,000
Land transfer 2,000,000
Stamps on bills of exchange and on cheques 975,000
Stamps on securities 1,125,000
Coupon tax 1,375,000
Sugar 1,750,000
Passenger tickets 1,000,000
Total estimated annual yield £23,725,000
which will be made up to £25,000,000 by contributions from the separate States.