HC Deb 23 September 1909 vol 11 c815W

asked the President of the Board of Trade what proportion of the cost of the harbour at Pwllheli, North Wales, is to be paid by the Government; how much has been paid; how much more is expected to be needed to complete the work; and what size of vessels it is intended to accommodate in the harbour?


The total estimated cost of the harbour works at Pwllheli was £74,625, and towards this the Government promised a grant of one-third, or £24,875, together with an addition of £5,000 due to ecrtain special circumstances. The total grant of £29,875 is subject to a reduction in certain eventualities. The sum which has been actually paid to the corporation is £25,000, leaving £4,875 still payable. The grant is paid in instalments as the work proceeds, the final instalment being made only when the work is complete. It is contemplated under the scheme that there will be 6ft. of water in the entrance channel at low water and 15ft. to 16ft. at high water of ordinary spring tides, and that this will meet the needs of all vessels likely to desire shelter at Pwllheli.