HC Deb 02 September 1909 vol 10 c748W

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that the firm of Messrs. P. and J. Gordon, contractors for the painting of Maryhill Barracks, are not complying with the conditions of the Fair Wages Clause; that the firm is employing labourers at labourers' rates of wages to do work that is ordinarily done by painters at painters' rates of wages; that it is employing painters at less than the district rate, which is 9d. per hour; that it is employing painters from Edinburgh without conforming to the custom of paying them lodging allowance; that, although on inquiry being made it was found that 9d. per hour was being entered on the painters' time sheets, the fact is that the men are actually only receiving 6d. per hour, the firm in some cases, in order to mislead the painters' union, having paid the men the full rate on the Saturday with instructions to refund the difference between 6d. and 9d. per hour on the Monday; and that the sergeant major at Glasgow has been given the names of men who have testified that they only received 6d. per hour; and whether he will have a searching inquiry made into the matter with a view to having the Fair Wages Clause complied with?


The matter shall be fully inquired into.