HC Deb 02 September 1909 vol 10 cc744-5W

asked the Chief Secretary if he will state the names of the examiners of title in the Irish Land Commission, the dates of their appointments, their previous occupations, and the periods for which they have been employed?


The following is the information asked for:—

Name of Examiner. Date of Appointment to Examiners Staff. Previous Occupation.
*Lynch, H. C.; B.L. 1st January, 1892 Chief Clerk (Land Purchase Branch) Irish Land Commission.
*Shaw, J. H.; B.L. 2nd January. 1904 Practising Barrister.
Mabony, D. McC; B.L 23rd October, 1905 Practising Barrister.
Dixon, G. Y.; B.L. 1st March, 1906 Practising Barrister.
Dick, W.; B.L 27th April, 1907 Assistant Examiner Land Judge's Court.
The above are permanent officials entitled to the benefits of the Superannuation Acts.
Orpen, J. R.; B.L. 21st March. 1904 Practising Barrister.
White, Jeffrey, B.L. 7th March, 1904 Practising Barrister.
Brady, C. W. R.; B.L. 23rd October, 1905 Practising Barrister.
Stubbs, W. C.; B.L. 23rd October, 1905 Practising Barrister.
Wilson, R. C. K.; B.L. 23rd October, 1905 Practising Barrister.
Monahan, H. J.; B.L. 8th November, 1905 Practising Barrister.
Glover, W. E.; B. L. 8th December. 1906 Practising Barrister.
Christie, D.; B.L. 30th May, 1907 Practising Barrister.
Harley, T. T.; B.L. 12th December, 1907 Practising Barrister.
Sullivan, J.; B.L. 16th December, 1907 Practising Barrister.
The above are non-pensionable officers.
* Chief Examiners.

In addition to the above, Mr. G. V. Hart, K.C., an examiner of title in the Land Judge's Court, has been assigned to act as examiner of title in Land Commission cases where the land judge, acting as a judicial commissioner, distributes the purchase moneys.—The service of each officer has been continuous since the dates mentioned in column 2.