HC Deb 02 September 1909 vol 10 cc746-7W

asked the Attorney-General for Ireland whether, in the case of Joseph Daly, who is taking action against Constable Begly, of Longford police force, for assault, the Crown will guarantee the expenses of the prosecution before the court of assizes, with a view to the protection of the individual and securing to him of justice when assailed by an officer of the law?


I am not aware of any precedent for the course suggested in the question, and I doubt very much whether it would be legal. The usual practice in the case of private prosecutions is for copies of the depositions to be laid before me, and it is my duty then to consider whether the case is one which should be taken up by the Crown. In the event of my determining that question in the affirmative, all further expense in the case is borne by the Crown. The usual practice will be followed in this case, should the occasion arise.