HC Deb 20 May 1909 vol 5 c712W

asked the hon. Member for South Somerset if he is aware that net fishermen are prevented from catching salmon after the end of August; that rod fishermen are permitted to catch salmon up to the end of October; that the restriction in the first case is imposed to protect the fish when about to spawn; and, if so, can he state why the men who fish by rod for pleasure should have two months' longer period than the men who fish in the sea by net for a living?


The net fishing season closes in most districts on the 31st August; the rod season two months later. The object of the restriction in the former case is to allow fish to reach the upper parts of the stream for breeding purposes, which they cannot do without considerable difficulty during the netting season. The difficulty does not exist to anything like the same extent in the case of rod fishing, and on this account a longer season can properly be allowed for that class of fishing. The practice is one of very long standing, and its validity was recognised by the Royal Commission on Salmon Fisheries of 1902, as well as by previous Commissions.