HC Deb 14 May 1909 vol 4 c2232W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether any decision has yet been arrived at in reference to the practice of stopping the leave of the men of the Royal Navy automatically upon their being put in the commander's report; and, if so, will he please state the detailed particulars of such decision?


After full consideration, and after consulting Commanders-in-Chief of the home ports and of the fleets within easy reach, the Admiralty decided in March last that the leave of petty officers and men should not be stopped when they are placed in the report unless they are placed there for certain graver offences. These graver offences are specified in article 756, clause 4, of the King's Regulations as follows:—

  1. (a) Mutiny or highly insubordinate conduct;
  2. (b) Desertion or deserting post;
  3. (c) Indecent acts of an immoral character;
  4. (d) Theft or fraud;
  5. (e) Smuggling liquor into ship;
  6. (f) Quitting ship, boat, or working party without leave;
  7. (g) Drunkenness on duty;
  8. (h) Violent assault;
  9. (i) Aggravated cases of leave-breaking.