HC Deb 04 March 1909 vol 1 cc1701-2W

asked the President of the Board of Education if he is aware that the Essex Education Committee has sent out circulars to the parents of school children asking them to fill up particulars as to ailments that the child may have suffered from, and also asking if the child has been vaccinated, and, if so, how many marks there are; and if he will instruct the Essex Education Committee to modify their form so as to exclude all reference to vaccination?


I understand that circulars of this character have been issued. The Board have warned the Essex Local Authority, in accordance with their usual practice, in all cases in which they have any reason to suppose that enquiries as to vaccination are being made by the Authority in connection with medical inspection, that care must be taken to avoid prejudicing the work of medical inspection in the minds of parents who have a conscientious objection to vaccination. It is also the Board's practice to state clearly that such enquiries must not be made the basis of action under the Vaccination Acts. I am glad to say that a reply received from the Local Authority on the 18th February was quite satisfactory. They fully appreciate the necessity of considering the susceptibilities of parents, and they inform me that all information recorded is regarded as confidential and is not used for the purpose of enforcing vaccination.