HC Deb 22 July 1909 vol 8 c748W

asked the President of the Local Government. Board whether he is aware that the Hospital Committee of the Metropolitan Asylums Board have made it a condition of tenancy of cottages on their property that every person residing therein shall be vaccinated and re-vaccinated to the satisfaction of the medical officer; and whether such requirement has been sanctioned by the Asylums Board and by the Local Government Board?


As regards the cottages on the Small-pox Hospitals estate of the Metropolitan Asylums Board at Joyce Green, Dartford, it has been made a condition of tenancy that every person residing in them shall satisfy the medical superintendent of the small-pox hospitals that he or she is adequately protected against small-pox or shall consent to be vaccinated or revaccinated. The condition has been laid down by the Hospitals Committee of the Managers, acting in their behalf, and in pursuance of the general policy agreed to by the managers, and the Dartford sanitary authorities, and approved by the Local Government Board, for the protection of the neighbourhood of the small-pox hospitals against the disease. It only applies to the cottages on this particular estate.