HC Deb 01 December 1909 vol 13 cc531-2W

asked the Chief Secretary if he will state the total amounts deducted from Government grants due to county Longford, under the Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898, for the years ending 31st March, 1907, 1908, and 1909, in consequence of the failure of tenant purchasers to pay their annuities; and in how many cases such charges were deducted in consequence of the failure of the officers of the Land Commission to recover these debts in the ordinary way?


The following statement shows the net sums deducted in pursuance of certificates received from the Irish Land Commission and National Debt Commissioners from grants forming portion of the Guarantee Fund established under the Land Acts of 1891 and 1903 in the case of county Longford for the undermentioned years in respect of purchasers' annuities in arrear:—

Year ended 31st March
1907. 1908. 1909.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
Irish Land Commission Nil. 142 0 11 708 18 5
National Debt Commissioners. Nil. 122 19 11 289 1 2
Total Nil. 265 0 10 997 19 7

There were net additions of £100 16s. 6d. and £106 18s. 6d. made to the county's share in the Estate Duty Grant for the year ended in 1907, pursuant to certificates received from the Irish Land Commission and the National Debt Commissioners respectively on account of purchasers' annuities in arrear which had been recovered. As regards the arrears of Land Purchase Annuities, which had accrued, due up to 31st March, 1909, there were 2,783 payers of such annuities under the Acts, 1891–1903, in the county Longford, and at this date there are only 12 of these payers in arrear in respect of the instalments of annuities which had accrued due prior to 31st March last, the amount now due being £67 3s 3d. In all these 12 cases decrees have been obtained, and are now in the hands of the sheriff for execution.


asked the Chief Secretary if he can state the total number of defaulters in the payment of instalments under the Land Purchase Acts, 1885 to 1903, proceeded against in county Longford for the five years ending 3lst December, 1908; in how many cases were amounts due recovered in full with costs; in how many cases was there a partial or total loss of the amounts due; and how much of such loss was subsequently deducted from the agricultural or other grants due to county Longford?


I am informed by the Land Commission that it would not be possible to compile a return giving the particulars asked for without considerably disturbing the work of the collection branch of their office, which is at present busily engaged in collecting the current instalments of land purchase annuities. Any delay in making this collection must entail an increase of arrears, and with it increased drawings on the Guarantee Fund.