HC Deb 26 April 1909 vol 4 c157W

asked the hon. Member for the Crewe Division, as representing the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, what action, if any, the Commissioners have taken in the matter of the petition of Robert Henry Potter, presented to the House on 11th July, 1906, for redress of grievances, such petition being reported as being in order to the House 27th July, 1906?


Until their attention was drawn to it by the hon. Member's question, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners had no knowledge of the petition, but it appears to relate to the following matter: Robert Henry Potter, in 1899, brought an action (Potterv. Le Strange, 1899, p., No. 989) in the King's Bench Division of the High Court against Mr. Hamon Le Strange, and joined the Ecclesiastical Commissioners as co-defendants. His claim was for the recovery of certain copyhold lands held of the Manor of Sedgeforth in the county of Norfolk, of which the Commissioners are lords. The lands had formerly belonged to John Potter, alleged to be the claimant's great-grandfather, but upon the death of John Potter in 1834 had been sold by the trustees of his will. The lands are not and never were in the possession of the Commissioners. The action was dismissed on the ground that the statement of claim disclosed no cause of action. In the circumstances there is no action that the Commissioners are called upon to take in reference to the petition.