HL Deb 14 May 1969 vol 302 c122

My Lords, with permission, I should like to make a Statement regarding the distribution of the House of Lords Minutes of Proceedings. Since the industrial dispute at the Stationery Office warehouse still continues, the Parliament Office have made alternative arrangements—and I made reference to these last week—for the postal distribution of the Minutes, which of course also contain details of future Business. These improvised arrangements will come into force to-morrow; that is to say, for the distribution of to-night's Minute The list of names and addresses which will be used for this purpose does not, unfortunately, coincide exactly with the list used by the Queen's Printer, but if any noble Lord who does not receive his Minute under the new system will give his name and address to the Printed Paper Office, arrangements can be made to put him on the list.

For those noble Lords who live in the London area, the improvised system will involve a delay of 24 hours in the arrival of the Minutes, but for noble Lords in other parts of the country Minutes will arrive as usual and there should be no delay. So far as other Parliamentary Papers are concerned, am afraid that your Lordships will have to continue to collect them direct from the Printed Paper Office.