HL Deb 16 July 1969 vol 304 cc266-7

2.53 p.m.

House in Committee (on Re-commitment).


My Lords, this Bill has been amended by the Joint Committee on Consolidation Bills. No further Amendments have been put down for consideration by the Committee this afternoon. With the permission of the Committee, I will therefore put the Question, That I report the Bill to the House without further amendment.

Moved, That the Bill be reported to the House without further Amendment—(The Earl of Listowel).

On Question, Motion agreed to.

House resumed; Bill reported without further amendment.

Then Standing Order No. 41 [...]aving been suspended (pursuant to the Resolution of July 14), Report received; Bill read 3a.

The Lord CHANCELLOR (Lord Gardiner)

My Lords, your Lordships may remember that this was a Consolidation Bill by the Law Commission, with some 21 Amendments to the law, which they thought were necessary in order to effect a useful consolidation. The Joint Committee on Consolidation Bills, for whose work and patience we are all greatly indebted, have concurred with the need to make 16 of these Amendments but have not thought it necessary for various reasons which they have given, to concur with the other five. If I may respectfully say so, I agree with the views they have taken.

The first of the Acts consolidated is the Trustee Savings Bank Act 1954, which itself was a Consolidation Act. Since then there have been ten Acts or pieces of subordinate legislation which have made changes in the 1954 Act. I am sure that to all those who may have occasion to use this legislation it will be of considerable convenience for them to have all their Statute Law in one place rather than in ten places. I beg to move this Bill do now pass.

Moved, That the Bill do now pass.—(The Lord Chancellor.)

On Question, Bill passed, and sent to the Commons.