HL Deb 06 May 1952 vol 176 cc602-3

2.37 p.m.


My Lords, I beg to ask the Question which stands in my name on the Order Paper.

[The Question was as follows:

To ask Her Majesty's Government which are the countries which still impose export duties on raw cotton.]


My Lords, with the permission of the noble Lord, I propose to circulate the answer, which is rather long, in the OFFICIAL REPORT.


I take it, from the nature of the noble Lord's reply, that the list of countries still indulging in these pernicious practices is very long. I would ask Her Majesty's Government whether they are taking every opportunity of urging upon these countries the fact that, at a time when there is considerable consumer resistance to the price of cotton goods, these practices are no longer suitable.


I think the Government have the matter under active attention at all times.

Following is the statement referred to by Lord Lloyd:

Column 2 of the table below gives the rates of taxes imposed on exports of raw cotton by the countries (listed in column 1) which impose such taxes. The rates of tax are shown either ad valorem or, in the case of specific rates, in United States cents per lb. of raw cotton, which is the unit normally used internationally.

Country and Rate of Tax

Belgian Congo—18 per cent. ad valorem.

Brazil—8 per cent. ad valorem on exports from South Brazil, plus 1.32 cents per lb.

Egypt—11.83 cents per lb.

French Equatorial Africa—24 per cent. ad valorem.

Haiti—2 cents per lb. during 1951–52 season.

India—10.65 cents per lb.

Kenya and Uganda—Sliding scale from nil when price does not exceed 7d. per lb. to 1.4 cents per lb. at 13d. per lb. Thereafter duty is increased by 0.28 cents per lb. for every increase of 1d. per lb. or part thereof.

Leeward Island—From ½d. to 1½d. per lb.

Mexico—4.77 cents per lb.

Nigeria—10 per cent. ad valorem plus one-tenth of 1 per cent. for every £ or part of a £ by which value exceeds £325 per ton.

Pakistan—7.70 cents per lb. for Desi cotton, 13.85 cents per lb. for other varieties.

Paraguay—11 per cent. of declared value per invoice.

Peru—Tax is calculated on a comparison between an estimated cost of production and spot quotations. (At present, 6.81 cents per lb.)

St. Vincent—6 per cent. ad valorem.

Sudan—Varies between 10.07 and 14.37 cents per lb., according to type.

Tanganyika—Varies between 11.20 and 5.60 cents per lb. according to grade.

The above table is as nearly complete as currently available data will allow.