HL Deb 22 January 1936 vol 99 cc359-61

My Lords, I have to inform your Lordships that I have received from the Upper Chambers of various countries a number of telegrams of condolence upon the unhappy loss which we have sustained. I will, with your Lordships' permission, read the telegrams, translating them into English in such cases as they are sent in a foreign language. There came from M. Jules Jeanneny, President of the French senate, this telegram:

"In the name of the French Senate, I beg you to convey to the House of Lords the expression of our deepest sympathy. King George V stood by our side in our times of stress and difficulty as well as in our happy times. France, faithful to her friendships, will ever hold sacred the memory of the Sovereign who is mourned by the great British Empire."

From the Italian Ambassador this telegram:

"I am asked by the President of the Italian Senate to forward to you the following telegram: 'The Senate of the Kingdom offer to the House of Lords their deepest condolences in the great sorrow which has befallen the British nation with the death of His Majesty King George V. Federzoni.'—Grandi."

From M. Maurice Lippens, President of the Belgian Senate:

"Accept expression of our deep sympathy in the loss of your beloved King."

From Count Bertran Szechenyi, President of the Upper House of Hungary:

"The sad news of the deep loss inflicted upon the noble British nation and the powerful Empire created deepest sympathy in our hearts. May I beg your Lordship to accept and to interpret to the House of Lords the intense sorrow felt by all members of the Hungarian Upper House on the decease of His Majesty King George, who, in His most august spirit, reigned so wisely over His people."

From the President of the Brazilian Federal Senate:

"I have the honour to inform your Excellency that the Federal Senate, on the proposal of Senator Costa Rego, suspended its sitting to-day as a token of profound sorrow at the death of Great Britain's august Sovereign and presents to the British Parliament the expression of the heartfelt condolence of the Legislature of Brazil. Sincere respects. Augusto Simoes Lopes."

From the President of the Chilean Senate:

"The Senate of the Republic of Chile participate very sincerely in the great sorrow of the British Empire and present their condolences to the Upper Chamber of the United Kingdom.—Ignacio Urrutia, President."

From the President of the Peruvian Congress:

"The Constituent Congress of Peru, in its Session of to-day, unanimously approved the following motion: The Diplomatic Commission, on the occasion of the lamented death of King George V, proposes that with the agreement of Congress a message of condolence be sent to the British Parliament expressing to it the sorrow of the Peruvian Congress at the grief which is afflicting the British nation.' I transmit to your illustrious House the condolences of the Peruvian Congress together with the expression of my best and highest consideration for your Excellency.—Clemente J. Revilla."

From the President of the Royal Yugoslav Senate:—

"Deeply affected by the heavy blow that has fallen upon the noble British nation by the death of His Majesty George V, I pray your Lordship to accept the expression of the deepest sympathy in the name of the Royal Yugoslav Senate as in my own."

This was signed by Dr. Ljubomir Tomasic, President, Royal Yugoslav Senate, Belgrade.

My Lords, I should just add that in respect of all these telegrams I have sent suitable acknowledgments.

Several Lords—Took the Oath.