HL Deb 20 May 1930 vol 77 cc925-9

Provisions as to Members and Proceedings of Catchment Boards.

2. Any members of the hoard other than the first members thereof shall come into

attitude towards all our Amendments. But this is an Amendment upon which I feel that I cannot give way. I do not want to go into further detail. There are no more arguments to be brought forward on one side or the other. I will merely repeat that, solely on the ground of safeguarding as far as we can the interests of the ratepayers, we feel obliged to recommend this postponement. We may possibly come to terms with the noble Earl—I do not know—but we must have some method by which the great cost of this Bill will not have to be borne immediately, in the present depressed state of the agricultural industry. I regret that I must press my Amendment.

On Question, Whether the said new subsection shall be there inserted?—

Their Lordships divided: Contents, 42; Not-Contents, 8.

Wellington, D. Alvingham, L. Harris, L.
Armstrong, L. Hastings, L. [Teller.]
Salisbury, M. Banbury of Southam, L. Howard of Glossop, L.
Bayford, L. Jessel, L.
Bathurst, E. Berwick, L. Lamington, L.
Cawdor, E. Clanwilliam, L. (E. Clanwilliam.) Lawrence, L.
Iveagh, E. Oxenfoord, L. (E. Stair.)
Lauderdale, E. Clifford of Chudleigh, L. Phillimore, L.
Malmesbury, E. Clinton, L. [Teller.] Ritchie of Dundee, L.
Onslow, E. Cottesloe, L. Somerleyton, L.
Plymouth, E. Danesfort, L. Swansea, L.
Stanhope, E. Dynevor, L. Templemore, L.
Elphinstone, L. Wavertree, L.
Bertie of Thame, V. Ernle, L. Wharton, L.
FitzAlan of Derwent, V. Fairfax of Cameron, L. Wraxall, L.
Wynford, L.
Sankey, L. (L. Chancellor.) De La Warr, E. Marks, L. [Teller.]
Marley, L. [Teller.]
Beauchamp, E. Dickinson, L. Ponsonby of Shulbrede, L.
Sandhurst, L.

office on the first day of November next after the day on which they are appointed, and shall hold office for a term of three years: Provided that—

  1. (a) a member may resign his office by notice in writing under his hand given to the chairman of the board; and
  2. (b) if a member becomes bankrupt or makes a composition or arrangement with his creditors he shall vacate his office; and
  3. (c) if a member is absent from meetings of the board for more than six months consecutively he shall, unless his absence is due to illness or some other reason approved by the board, vacate his office on the expiration of the said six months.

10. The Minister may, if he thinks fit, by order authorise the board to repay to the members thereof the whole or any part of any travelling expenses incurred by them in attending meetings of the board.

EARL DE LA WARR had an Amendment on the Paper to leave out from the catchment areas, "the Romney Marsh Main Drain."The noble Earl said: I do not propose to move this Amendment at this stage, because there are still negotiations going on.


May I ask the noble Earl whether that part of the County of Kent which lies in Romney Marsh is included in the area which he proposes to omit?


Yes, the whole of the Romney Marsh area for the time being, but I am not now moving my Amendment. The next two Amendments in my name are merely drafting Amendments.

Amendments moved— Page 59, line 23, after ("East Norfolk rivers") insert ("(including the river Waveney)") Page 59, line 24, after ("East Suffolk rivers") insert ("(excluding the river Waveney)").—(Earl De La Warr.)

On Question, Amendments agreed to.

VISCOUNT BERTIE OF THAME moved at the end of paragraph 2, to insert:— If a member becomes in the opinion of the Minister unfit to continue in office or incapable of performing his duties under this Act the Minister shall forthwith declare his office to be vacant and shall notify the fact in such manner as he thinks fit, and thereupon the office shall become vacant".

The noble Viscount said: This provision is usual in this sort of Bill, and it is in common form. I hope the noble Earl can see his way to accept it.

Amendment moved— Page 60, line 14, at end, insert the said new paragraph.—(Viscount Bertie of Theme.)


We accept this Amendment.

On Question, Amendment agreed to.

VISCOUNT BERTIE OF THAME moved at the end of paragraph 2, to insert:— Any member shall if he is interested in any company with which the board has or proposes to make any contract, disclose to the board the fact and nature of his interest, and shall take no part in any deliberation or decision of the board relating to such contract, and such disclosure shall be forthwith recorded in the minutes of the board. The noble Viscount said: This Amendment is placed on the Paper to be inserted at page 61, line 14, but I think it should come in here, immediately after my preceding Amendment, and I move it accordingly.

Amendment moved— Page 60, line 14, insert the said new paragraph.—(Viscount Bertie of Thame.)


We accept this Amendment, subject, of course, to any necessity of drafting.

On Question, Amendment agreed to.

EARL DE LA WARR moved, in paragraph 10, after "board," where that word first occurs, to insert:— (a) to pay to the chairman of the board by way of remuneration such sum as may be specified in the order; and (b) The noble Earl said: The object of this Amendment is to enable the chairman of a board to be paid if the catchment board so decides. It is following the precedent of the Doncaster Drainage Act, the principle of which has been accepted.

Amendment moved— Page 61, line 12, after ("board") insert the said new words.—(Earl De La Warr.)


Does that refer to all drainage boards?


This only refers to the chairmen of catchment boards.

On Question, Amendment agreed to.


I am told that I misunderstood the noble. Earl, Lord De La Warr. I thought he said that the whole of the Romney Marsh was going to be omitted from the Schedule.


I said that I was not going to move my Amendment relating to Romney Marsh at this stage.


I cannot understand why you are including the Romney Marsh in a catchment area.


As I have said, the matter is under consideration. If there is anything to be done we will bring it up on Report, but for the moment we want to take no action.

First Schedule, as amended, agreed to.

Second Schedule: