HL Deb 13 May 1908 vol 188 cc1065-6

Ammanford Urban District Council Water Bill [H L.].—A witness ordered to attend the Select Committee.

Newry, Keady, and Tynan Railway—(Petition for Bill).—Examiner's Certificate of non-compliance with the Standing Orders referred to the Standing Orders Committee on Wednesday next.

London and District Electricity Supply Bill [H.L.]; London Electric Supply Bill [H.L.]; London (Westminster and Kensington) Electric Supply Companies Bill [H.L.].—Leave given to the Select Committee not to sit again till Friday next.

Rochdale Corporation Bill.—Reported, with Amendments.

Cambrian Railways Bill [H.L.].—Committed: The Committee to be proposed by the Committee of Selection.

Metropolitan District Railway Bill [H.L.].—Report from the Select Committee, that the Committee had not proceeded with the consideration of the Bill, no parties having appeared in opposition thereto; read, and ordered to lie on the Table. The Orders made on the 20th of February and 1st of April last discharged, and Bill committed.

Great Eastern Railway (General Powers) Bill; Humber Commercial Railway and Dock Bill.—Read 2a, and committed.

North Eastern Railway Bill; Draycott Gas Bill.—Read 2a, and committed: The Committees to be proposed by the Committee of Selection.

Gosport Gas Bill.—Read 2a, and committed.

Leicester Corporation Bill; Blaydon and Ryton Water (Transfer) Bill.—Read 2a, and committed: The Committees to be proposed by the Committee of Selection.

Louth and East Coast Railway (Transfer) Bill.—Read 2a, and committed.

Tollemache Estate—Moved, That the Order made on the 25th day of March last, "That this House will not receive any report from the Judges upon petitions presented to this House for Private Bills after Thursday the 7th day of May next," be dispensed with; agreed to; Judges report received accordingly.

Tollemache Estate Bill [H.L.].—Presented, and read 1a.

Tollemache Estate Bill [H.L.].—The LORD CHANCELLOR acquainted the House, that in pursuance of Standing Order No. 163A, relating to Private Bills, he had, on the requisition of the Chairman of Committees, appointed Samuel Howard Whitbread, a Member of the House of Commons, as guardian or protector of the infants: Douglas Tollemache Anstruther, Joyce Anstruther, Prudence Sergison, Cynthia Sergison, Beatrice Whitbread, Peter Whitbread, Marguerite Evelyn Keppel, Judith Iris Keppel, Jocelyn Abel Smith, and Veronica Mary Smith named in the Bill, to represent such infants before the Committee on the Bill.

Cheshire Lines Committee Bill.—Brought from the Commons, read 1a, and referred to the Examiners.

Pier and Harbour Provisional Order (No. 3) Bill [H.L.].—Read 2a (according to order).

Tramways Order Confirmation (No. 1) Bill [H.L.]; Hurly's Divorce Bill [H.L.].—Read 3a (according to order), and passed, and sent to the Commons.

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