HL Deb 05 May 1908 vol 188 cc6-8

The LORD CHANCELLOR acquainted the House that the following Papers having been commanded to be presented to this House by His Majesty had been so presented on the following dates by delivery to the Clerk of the Parliaments pursuant to Standing Order No. CXI., viz.:—

Education (Scotland).—I.—Regulations as to Grants to Secondary Schools, 1908. (April 15). II.—General Report by the Chief Inspector of the Western Division of Scotland, for the year 1907 (April 29.)

Cyprus.—Correspondence relating to the affairs of Cyprus. (April 23.)

Trade Reports (Annual Series).—No. 3971. France (New Caledonia). (April 29). No. 3972. France (Nantes and St. Nazaire). No. 3973. France (Réunion). No. 3974. Turkey (Palestine). (April 23). No. 3977. Portugal (the Azores). (April 24.)

Prisons (Scotland) Act, 1877.—Thirtieth Annual Report of the Prison Commissioners for Scotland, being the Sixty-ninth Annual Report on Prisons in Scotland. (April 23.)

Irish Land Commission.—I—Return of proceedings for the month of December, 1907. (April 23). II.—Return of advances made under the Irish Land Act, 1903, during the month of May, 1907. (April 29.)

Irish Universities Bill (1908).—Preliminary drafts of the Articles of Charters: I.—For the University to have its seat in Dublin. II.—For the University to have its seat in Belfast. (April 23.)

Mines and Quarries.—I.—Reports of His Majesty's Inspectors of Mines under the Coal Mines Regulation Acts, 1887 to 1896, the Metalliferous Mines Regulations Acts, 1872 and 1875, and the Quarries Act, 1894, for the year 1907: East Scotland District, A. McLaren; West Scotland, J. M. Ronaldson; Newcastle, J. B. Atkinson; Durham, R. D. Bain; York and Lincoln, W. H. Pickering; Manchester and Ireland, J. Gerrard; Liverpool and North Wales, H. Hall, I.S.O.; Midland, A. H. Stokes; Stafford, H. Johnstone; Cardiff and Swansea, F. A. Gray; J. Dyer Lewis, and W. N. Atkinson; Southern, J. S. Martin, I.S.O. (April 24.) II.—(Explosion at Dynas Main Colliery).—Report to the Secretary of State for the Home Department by William Atkinson and J. Dyer Lewis, His Majesty's Inspectors of Mines, on the circumstances attending an explosion of coal dust which occurred at Dynas Main Colliery on 14th December, 1907. (April 30.)

Miscellaneous, No. 3 (1908).—Correspondence with His Majesty's Ambassador at Berlin respecting a declaration by the Governments of Great Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, on the subject of the maintenance of the status quo in the territories bordering upon the North Sea. (April 24.)

Treaty Series, No. 10 (1908).—Agreement between the United Kingdom and France respecting death duties; signed at London, 15th November, 1907. (Ratifications exchanged at London, 9th December, 1907.) (April 27.)

Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1887.—Return of the number of eviction notices filed during the quarter ended 31st March, 1908. (April 28.)

Intermediate Education Board (Ireland).—Annual Report for the year 1907. (April 28.)

Army.—I.—Annual Return of the Volunteer Corps of Great Britain, for the year 1907. II—Report on the discipline and management of the military prisons and detention barracks, 1907. (May 1.)

Egypt No. 1. (1908).—Reports by His Majesty's Agent and Consul-General on finances, administration, and condition of Egypt and the Soudan in 1907. (April 30.)

Education (Scotland) Bill.—Memorandum explanatory of the provisions of the Bill. (May 2.)

Reformatory and Industrial Schools.—Fifty-first Report, for the year 1907, of the Inspector of Reformatory and Industrial Schools. Part I.—List of Schools and Detailed Reports. (May 2.)

Vice-Regal Commission on Irish Railways.—I.—Third Report of the Commissioners. II—Appendix.(May 2.)

The same were ordered to lie on the Table.