HL Deb 08 July 1908 vol 191 cc1593-4

London County Council (Money) Bill; South West Suburban Water Bill.—Moved, That the Order made on the 25th day of March last, "That no Private Bill brought from the House of Commons shall be read a second time after the 18th day of June next," be dispensed with, and that the Bills be now read 2a; agreed to; Bills read 2a accordingly.

Rhymney and Aber Valleys Gas and Water Bill [H.L.].—Read 3a. Amendments made. Bill passed, and sent to the Commons.

Leeds Corporation Bill.—Read 3a, with the Amendments; further amendments made; Bill passed, and returned to the Commons.

Doncaster Corporation Bill.—Read 3a, with the Amendments, and passed, and returned to the Commons.

London County Council (Money) Bill.—Committed.

South West Suburban Water Bill.—Committed. The Committee to be proposed by the Committee of Selection.

Ards Railways Bill; Holderness Water Bill.—Brought from the Commons, read 1a, and referred to the Examiners.

Briton Ferry Urban District Council Bill [H.L.].—Returned from the Commons agreed to, with Amendments.

Land Drainage Provisional Order Bill; Metropolitan Commons Provisional Order Bill.—House in Committee (according to Order). Bills reported without amendment. Standing Committee negatived, and Bills to be read 3a To-morrow.

South West Suburban Water Bill.—Report from the Committee of Selection, That the five Lords appointed a Select Committee on the Manchester Corporation Bill and other Bills, do form the Select Committee for the consideration of the South West Suburban Water Bill; read, and agreed to. All petitions referred to the Committee, with leave to the Petitioners praying to be heard by Counsel against the Bill to be heard as desired, as also Counsel for the Bill.

Manchester Corporation Bill; Burnley Corporation Bill; Blackburn Corporation Bill.—Report from the Committee of Selection, That the Lord Monk Bretton be proposed to the House as a Member of the Select Committee on the said Bills in the place of the Earl of Stradbroke; read, and agreed to.