HL Deb 27 March 1906 vol 154 cc989-90

Penllwyn Railway and Road Bill [H.L.]; London and North Western Railway Bill [H.L.]; Great Western and Rhymney Railway Companies Bill [H.L.]; Barry Railway Bill [H.L.]; Western Valleys (Monmouthshire) Sewerage Board Bill [H.L.]; Cardiff Railway Bill [H.L.]. Report from the Committee of Selection, That the Earl of Harrowby be proposed to the House as a member of the Select Committee on the said Bills in the place of the Lord Belhaven and Stenton; read, and agreed to.

North Sussex Gas and Water Bill [H.L.].—Reported, with Amendments.

Manchester and Milford Railway Bill [H.L.].—Reported from the Select Committee, with Amendments.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway (Superannuation Fund) Bill [H.L.]; Accrington District Gas and Water Board Bill [H.L.]; Holyhead Water Bill [H.L.].—Reported, with Amendments.

Scottish Provident Institution Buildings, Limited; Petition of the Scottish Provident Institution Buildings, Limited, under their common seal, praying for leave to introduce a Bill "to enable the Scottish Provident Institution Buildings, Limited, to pay interest out of capital on certain of their shares; and for other purposes," together with a copy of the proposed Bill annexed thereto; read, and referred to the examiners.

Sheffield District Railway Bill [H.L.]. Report from the Select Committee. That the Committee had not proceeded with the consideration of the Bill, the opposition thereto having been withdrawn; read, and ordered to lie on the Table. The orders made on the 8th instant discharged, and Bill committed.

Consolidated Fund (No. 1) Bill. Brought from the Commons.

Millwall Dock Bill, North Metropolitan Tramways Bill. Brought from the Commons; read 1a; and referred to the Examiners.

Wallis Divorce Bill [H.L.]. Message from the Commons for copy of the Minutes of Evidence taken before this House, together with the proceedings and the documents deposited in the case: Ordered to be communicated, with a request that they may be returned.

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