HL Deb 26 June 1905 vol 148 cc5-8

I. (Annual Series)—

No. 3398. United States (Philadelphia).

No. 3399. Austria-Hungary. (June 9.)

No. 3400. Guatemala (Quezaltenango).

No. 3401. United States (New Orleans).

No. 3402. Germany (Grand Duchy of Baden).

No. 3403. Netherlands (Java). (June 14.)

No. 3404. Denmark (Faroe Islands). (June 15.)

No. 3405. Japan (North Formosa). (June 16.)

No. 3406. Western Pacific (Friendly Islands).

No. 3407. Corea. (June 17.)

No. 3408. Persia (the Persian Gulf).

No. 3409. France (Lyons, St. Etienne and Grenoble). (June 20.)

No. 3410. Turkey (Palestine).

No. 3411. Spain (Galicia, Asturias, and Leon).

No. 3412. Sweden (Stockholm and the Eastern Coast of Sweden).

No. 3413. France (Dunkirk). (June 21.)

No. 3414. Spain (Cadiz)

No. 3415. Muskat. (June 23.)

No. 3416. Italy (Central Italy).

No. 3417. Austria-Hungary (Fiume). (June 24.)

II. Index to Reports of His Majesty's Diplomatic and Consular representatives abroad on trade and subjects of general interest (with Appendix), 1904. (June 21.)

Factory and Workshop. Annual Report of the chief inspector of factories and workshops, for the year 1904. Part I. Reports. (June 14.)

Historical Manuscripts (Royal Commission). Report on manuscripts of the Earl of Egmont. Vol. I., Part II. (June 14.)

Colonies (Annual)—

No. 448. St. Helena (Report for 1904). (June 14.)

No. 449. Falkland Islands (Report for 1904). (June 21.)

Commercial, No. 3 (1905). International Sugar Commission (Spring Session, 1905). Report of British delegate and correspondence (in continuation of "Commercial, No. 1 (1905)," [Cd. 2349]). (June 14.)

London Unemployed Fund. Preliminary statement (as on the 14th of April, 1905), prepared at the request of the "President of the Local Government Board by the Central Executive Committee. (June 14.)

Treaty Series—

No. 16 (1905). Convention between the United Kingdom and Switzerland supplementing Article XVIII. of the Treaty of Extradition of 26th November, 1880; signed at London, 29th June, 1904. (June 15.)

No. 17 (1905). Industrial Property Convention. Accession of New Zealand to the additional Act of 14th December, 1900; and Accession of Ceylon to the Convention of 1883, as modified by the additional Act of 14th December, 1900. (June 24.)

Education (Scotland). Thirty-second annual Report by the Accountant for Scotland to the Scotch Education Department. (June 15.)

Board of Education—

I. (Training College Regulations). Regulations for the training of teachers and for the examination of students in training colleges. (June 16.)

II. (Regulations for Evening Schools, etc.). Regulations for evening schools, technical institutions, and schools of art and art classes (from 1st August, 1905, to 31st July, 1906). (June 20.)

III. (Amending Order, No. 2)., Order amending Final Order, No. 1130, made under Section 11 (8) of the Education Act, 1902.

IV. (Code for Public Elementary Schools (1905)). Code of regulations for public elementary schools, with schedules, 1905. (June 22.)

Salvation Army Colonies. Report on the Salvation Army Colonies in the United States and at Hadleigh, England, with scheme of National Land Settlement, by Commissioner H. Rider Haggard. (June 17.)

India (Army Administration). Correspondence regarding the administration of the Army in India. (June 20.)

Navy (Hydrographer's Report). Report on Admiralty Surveys for the year 1904, by the Hydrographer. (June 21.)

Navy Estimates, 1904–1905 (Programme of Shipbuilding, Reconstruction, Repairs, Maintenance, etc.). Statement showing the probable effect on the programme due to reappropriation of cash provision, etc. (June 21.)

Railway Accidents. Returns of accidents and casualties as reported to the Board of Trade by the several railway companies in the United Kingdom during the three months ended 31st December, 1904, in pursuance of the Regulation of Railways Act (1871), together with reports of the inspecting officers, assistant inspecting officers, and sub-inspectors of the Railway Department to the Board of Trade, upon certain accidents which were inquired into. Part II. Reports on Accidents. (June 21.)

Income-Tax Committee. Appendix to the Report of the Departmental Committee on Income-Tax; with minutes of evidence taken before the Committee. (June 21.)

Intermediate Education Board (Ireland). Annual Report for the year 1904. (June 22.)

Mint. Thirty-fifth Annual Report of the Deputy Master and Comptroller of the Mint, 1904. (June 23.)

The same were ordered to lie on the Table.