HL Deb 08 June 1905 vol 147 cc1053-4

Liverpool Corporation Bill. Read 2a, and committed.

Shepton Mallet Gas Company (Electric Lighting) Bill [H.L.]; Sandgate Urban District Council Bill [H.L.]. Read 3a, and passed, and sent to the Commons.

Tramways Orders Confirmation (No. 1) Bill [H.L.]—(Pudsey Corporation Tramways Order). Standing Order No. 92 considered (according to order), and dispensed with, with respect to a Petition of the Yorkshire Electric Power Company. Leave given to present the said Petition.

Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 10) Bill; Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 13) Bill. Brought from the Commons.

Aberdare Urban District Council Bill; Colne Corporation Bill; North Sussex Gas Bill; South Wales Electrical Power Distribution Company Bill. Returned from the Commons with the Amendments agreed to.

Municipal Corporations (Merthyr Tydfil Scheme Confirmation) Bill [H.L.]. Returned from the Commons agreed to, with Amendments. The said Amendments to be considered on Monday the 26th instant.

Gamble's Divorce Bill [H.L.]. Minutes of Evidence and Proceedings before this House on the Second Reading, together with the documents deposited in the Case, returned from the Commons.

Rotherham, Maltby, and Laughton Railway Bill; Baker Street and Waterloo Railway Bill, Edgware and Hampstead Railway Bill; Charing Cross, Euston, and Hampstead Railway Bill; Heckmondwicke Improvement Bill; Andover Lighting and Power Bill; Tramways Orders Confirmation (No. 1) Bill [H.L.]; Tramways Orders Confirmation (No. 2) Bill [H.L.]; Electric Lighting Provisional Orders (No. 9) Bill [H.L.]; London and North western Railway Bill. Report from the Committee of Selection, That the following Lords be proposed to the House to form the Select Committee for the consideration of the said Bills; viz.—

agreed to; and the said Lords appointed accordingly. The Committee to meet on Thursday the 29th instant, at Eleven o'clock; and all petitions referred to the Committee, with leave to the petitioners praying to be heard by counsel against the Bills to be heard as desired, as also counsel for the Bills.

Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 10) Bill (No. 105); Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 13) Bill (No. 106). Read 1a; to be printed; and referred to the Examiners.

Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 11) Bill; Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 15) Bill. To be read 2a on Monday the 26th instant.—(The Lord Kenyon.)